There is one thing that nearly everone in the world agrees upon: All throughout the world, on every continent where they can be found, in every nation, state, city, town, and village, people detest cockroaches.

This universal loathing of cockroaches is no accident, either. Consider the following:

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are Back

Bedbugs are making a comeback.In the last few years, Once considered to be virtually nonexistent in the United States, bedbugs now account for a large percentage of calls to pest control professionals. Exterminators all over the United States are reporting that calls for bedbug treatments are on the rise.

Bees & Wasps



(AKA white-faced or white tailed)

baldfacedhornetTaxonomists are a strange group. What is a taxonomist you ask? They are the biologists who like to name organisms (sometimes after themselves!) with those fancy Latin names. This black and white wasp (Dolichovespula maculata) has been named bald-faced hornet based upon its size and habits. In reality, it’s closer to being a yellow jacket (Vespula sp.) but calling it as such doesn’t quite fit. These large wasps (up to ¾ inch long) construct impressive paper nests (imagine basketball sized or larger by summers end) and are extremely dangerous when threatened or disturbed. With their nasty reputation for aggressiveness, bald-faced hornets nests located near entryways, eaves, tool sheds, or in foundation plantings should not be taken lightly.

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